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© 1996 - 2016 Lakeshores Management (NSW) P.L. 


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Lake Macquarie Resort Accommodation
Interested in greater control over your property? Needs re-working!! Lakeshores Self Catering Accommodation manages a number of properties for individual owners in Eastern Lake Macquarie. Family owned and operated we have been managing holiday and short stay accommodation in Eastern Lake Macquarie since 1996. We are the largest provider of holiday accommodation in the area with properties in Belmont, Marks Point, Pelican, Swansea, Caves Beach, Catherine Hill Bay and in Raffertys Resort at Cams Wharf and pride ourselves on delivering a reliable, high quality product to guests that encourages repeat custom and referrals. We also operate within a far more flexible framework than traditional property managers.  So that we can do the best for our Property Owner in both managing and maintaining your property and achieving the best possible return to you, we provide - No contract periods.  Whilst we prefer to be able to accept bookings up to 12 months in advance, we are very flexible. If the arrangement isn’t working for you, we can terminate with a month’s notice. Solid customer base.  Because we work mainly at the better end of the market we generally attract more considerate groups who will respect your property.  Much of our business is word of mouth. Communication.  - We will be in constant contact with you, keeping your property well maintained and letting you know what is going on. Technology.  - We maintain a fully integrated online  booking, trust account, job maintenance log, inventory  and communications platform and our Owners are advised each time we take a new booking on their property as well as notifications of any maintenance  work required and Guest Surveys as they are received.   Owners may also make Owners bookings through their Console. Total financial transparency - Each owner is able to log into our Back Office where they can view each reservation and see various statistics for their own property, including forward bookings, Accounts with all income and expenditure itemised. Our Management are licenced Real Estate Agents and all transactions are through a Trust Account which is audited annually. Results based Management - Our management fees are based on a % of gross income. ... We don’t make money if our property owners is not making money! We're available 24/7 and go that just that little further to ensure that our guests' stay with us is an enjoyable one. Professional Marketing. - Our websites are continually optimised and are on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN Search and most other popular Search Engines. We also have Real Time connectivity  with many Third Party Holiday Accommodation websites including booking.com, AirBnB, Tripadvisor, Stayz, etc., meaning we have a wide audience reach to showcase our properties. Professional Cleaning & Housekeeping services. - We employ our own Industry Trained Housekeepers. The cleanliness of our properties is paramount in ensuring we meet our guest's expectations on arrival. A full Linen Service. - We provide quality percale linen, towels, bath mats, tea and hand towels. All our linen is professionally cleaned in our own commercial laundry and is discarded as soon as they begin to show signs of wear and tear.   In order for our business to remain viable and so that we can provide a premuim service to both guests and yourself we require the following:   Properties must be at least equivelant to  an AAA Tourism 3.5 Star Rating. As we approach our business as being a partnership between our Property Owner and ourselves, we only accept properties where we feel we can achieve a higher rate of return than could be achieved on a long term rental basis and will be upfront in advising a propective Property Owner if we feel we will be unable to achieve this. Exclusivity.  We require exclusive management of your rental property.  Having more than one party co- ordinating guests, payments, cleaners and bookings, results in a poor experience for all involved. (We can give you access to our Booking engine if you maintain your own website.) Presentation.  The property must be kept in a high state of repair in order to manage guest expectations.  From time to time we will need to do spring cleans, repairs and garden maintenance. Peak period availability. In order for the arrangement to viable, we need your property to be available for rentals over peak periods including Christmas and Easter holidays, school holidays and long weekends. 12 month initial period.  As we invest a lot of time and money in setting properties up for holiday rentals, we can only accept properties where there is an intention to make the property available for holiday letting for at least 12 months. Interested?? ... Email us at management@lakeshores.com or phone us on 02 49713373 to discuss it.
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